Thursday, March 31, 2011

Masculine Thank You

I have the best neighbors anyone could ask for!  We needed to repair a section of our driveway which we were planning to do the old fashioned way (wheelbarrow, water & Quikrete).  One of our neighbors has his own concrete business, so my husband went over to see if we could borrow a concrete mixer to make this task go more quickly.  Long story short, he & our neighbor on the other side of us came over to lend a helping hand & their expertise.  The job only took a few hours and the best part of this story was that we did it by my car's headlights.  {haha}  So, the least I could do was to make them a "Thank You" card.  Did I mention "masculine" cards are not my strong suite??  So, here is my manly card for each of my neighbors.

I couldn't just send over a card!!  So, I decided to make them each a pan of my special chocolate chip brownies.  And then, had my girls be the delivery service!  :o)
After smelling up the kitchen baking brownies, my girls asked "can you make us some too?".  So, being the kind mom that I am....said "NO!".
And then, of course I heard "awwwwww" in their normal whiney voice!
I hope you like my card.  Oh, I forgot to mention the bear is from SU! "Wildlife Reserve" stamp set.  TFL!


  1. I don't think i have ever had your special chocolate chip brownies, can you hear me saw "awwwww"?
    I like the card, masculine ones are so hard!

  2. Yes, u've had them. I'm sure I've made them for shoebox or maybe the 31 or other party u've attended.